We provide best Honda cr-v car service in gurgaon. The Honda CR-V has long enjoyed a small but loyal fan following of buyers taken in by the SUV’s smart and sophisticated character. With the addition of the third row of seats and a diesel engine for the first time, the latest Honda CR-V immediately addresses a larger buyer base. The diesel engine CR-V that comes in the seven-seat configuration can be had in front-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive form. Also on offer is a five-seat petrol engine version. Handsome and well turned out, the latest Honda CR-V is immediately recognizable as a CR-V. It’s well-appointed on the inside and also looks satisfyingly premium. Seat comfort is good but tall occupants will find middle-row headroom in limited supply. The bigger disappointment is the diesel’s third row, which is not only hard to access but also cramped on space.

Honda’s 120hp, the 1.6-liter diesel engine doesn’t seem all that impressive on paper but thanks to the quick draw 9-speed torque converter auto, performance is good for the most part. Still, more power would have made the CR-V a more potent highway vehicle. The 154hp, 2.0-liter petrol that’s mated to a CVT is quite flat in performance but will suffice for urban buyers. Of the other things, handling is tidy and the ride is composed. The CR-V isn’t cheap and the diesel, in particular, costs a lot. Unless you have a lot of running and must have the flexibility of the third row of seats that the gallons of diesel offer, the petrol CR-V is the more sensible choice. Barring paddle-shifters, the petrol CR-V also offers all the features (including a panoramic sunroof) you get on the pricier diesel.

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