We provide bestHonda jazz Car Service In Gurgaon. The Jazz’s quasi-MPV shape might not be to all tastes but it does allow for an incredibly roomy cabin. There’s enough space for five large adults to take a seat comfortably and even the boot is large. Still, things are not perfect on the inside. The thick A-pillars create a substantial blind spot and the small, fixed rear headrests are simply inadequate. The Jazz’s 90hp, the 1.2-liter petrol engine doesn’t feel lively at low speeds but the 5-speed manual gearbox is nice-to-use and there’s fun to be had extending the engine. The CVT-equipped petrol-auto is nicer still and therefore the standard-fit paddle shifters enhance the experience. You’ll have to contend with high noise levels on the 100hp, 1.5-liter diesel. The diesel does impress for its linear power delivery and economy, though. The Jazz feels sure-footed at all speeds and rides comfort is good for this class of the car.

First things first, the Jazz is not any longer available with the unique and versatile ‘magic’ seats at the rear. And that’s a bit of a shame. On the positive side, top-spec Jazz’s get Honda’s latest touchscreen infotainment system that’s bundled with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Of the engine-gearbox options, it’s the petrol-CVT auto that's our pick. The petrol-manual is a good value choice while the pricey diesel is advisable only for buyers who cover large distances frequently. All said, the petrol-CVT auto in VX trim maybe a little bit of a stretch but the one we’d buy.

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