Land Cruiser Car Service

The legendary Land Cruiser sits at the very top of Toyota’s SUV pyramid. The Land Cruiser is big, burly and designed to take you places that few other SUVs can manage to get. There’s only one fully-loaded model on sale in India, and being a full import, it is exorbitantly priced. Loaded with hardcore off-road aids and built to take a beating, the Toyota Land Cruiser is virtually unstoppable in the rough. Its 4.5-liter diesel V8 has oodles of pulling power and gives the 2.6-tonne SUV reasonable performance on the road, too. It’s no corner-carver but drives with invincibility on all surfaces and in all conditions.

Of course, the Land Cruiser’s imposing size gives it incredible road presence. The high-set cabin also means passengers get a commanding view out. Suffice to say, cabin space is comparable to a living room’s and even the third row is roomy. There are plenty of features onboard, too. Before you ask – armored protection is not part of the options catalog.

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