We provide best Honda WRV Car Service In Gurgaon and We do everything in honda cars but what we think about WR-V, is it worthy enough and what are the new features check it out what our experts saying about this. Their glasshouse might be the same but you won’t mistake a WR-V for the Jazz or vice versa. The WR-V is quite attractive and the raised ground clearance gives it some street cred too. There’s more of a link to the Jazz on the inside, though the WR-V’s black interior theme adds some distinction. The WR-V is just as practical and roomy as the Jazz but also carries the same weaknesses. The thick A-pillars hamper visibility around corners and the fixed rear headrests are just too small to be of use. The WR-V is no off-roader but its 188mm of ground clearance sure comes handy on broken roads. Ride comfort is good and the steering is nicely weighted. The WR-V’s 90hp, the 1.2-liter engine feels lazy in town and it’s really the 100hp, 1.5-liter diesel that’s more in tune with the cross-hatch’s persona. Unfortunately, the diesel is quite noisy.

At first sight, you’d be hard-pressed to see the Jazz through the WR-V, and we eventually realized that only the cabin, drivetrain, platform, and certain body panels are shared. To put things in perspective, the WR-V has a 25mm longer wheelbase, is 44mm longer, 40mm wider, and 57mm taller than the Jazz. There’s a strong crossover trait thanks to the tough posture lent by the tall angular hood that holds the Honda signature chrome slab and sweptback head lamps, high ground clearance, deep creases on the panels and the cladding all across. Assuming that you’ve already read our diesel review, I shall just run through the exterior highlights. A rugged feel is brought about by the front fascia with the black cladding that also incorporates a silver skid plate. From the side, the WR-V shows off its larger 16-inch alloys with a high ground clearance (188mm over 165mm in Jazz), the roof rails and black cladding that extends over the wheel wells. The rear end is highlighted by the new tailgate with a lowered number plate, longer tail lamps, and a heavily cladded bumper with a skid plate.

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